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Yamaha bLU cRU Asia-Pacific Pre-Season Testing Day 2: The Dramatic Improvement Day!

Racers with Yamaha R3
Pre-Testing Day 2at Chang International Circuit

At the Yamaha bLU cRU Asia-Pacific Pre-Season Testing Day 2 in Buriram, the 20 rising stars from Thailand, Japan, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, and China, having set up their bikes,track walk and tested the bike from yesterday. Today, it's the riding day at Chang International Circuit renowned as a MotoGP track in Thailand. The highlight of the day was the riding clinic session led by Mr. Yuki Ito, the 2024 Asia-Pacific Championships R3 cup Yamaha official adviser and veteran Yamaha racer with extensive experience, particularly with Yamaha racing bikes since the early 2000s.

Mr. Yuki Ito and the bLU cRU R3 racer
Mr. Yuki Ito.The 2024 Asia Pacific Championships R3cup Yamaha official adviser

During the day, all racers got dramatic improvements in their riding positions, racing lines, and lap times, thanks to the solid setup from Yamaha Racing Thailand Mechanics and Engineers.For more race photos, please visit the gallery page on our website. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive updates on this event, Yamaha bLU cRU Asia-Pacific 2024.


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